Copy Paste Income - Get Started With Affiliate Marketing With No Expense

Overall Ranking: 8/10
Price: $37
Owners: Ewen Chia


Copy Paste Income is an affiliate product that helps the user create mini viral ebooks that they can make publicly available to download whilst including affiliate links to promoted products.

Included in the product's training is some affiliate marketing training, which includes selecting a niche, navigating the ClickBank marketplace, and promoting affiliate products.



Cheap entry price
No website needed to become an affiliate marketer
No technical experience required
Can be applied to any affiliate program
Can be applied to any niche


This product is suitable for those wanting to get started in affiliate marketing that either don't have the funds or the time to set up a website. Experienced affiliate marketers also make use of viral ebook marketing to drive traffic to their websites and sell more affiliate products.


Copy Paste Income shows you how to find a suitable niche to promote, how to find popular keywords, how to construct a viral eBook, and how to promote you viral eBook. There are several up-sells that consist of affiliate marketing and conversion. You are also given the chance to earn an affiliate commission by sharing several of Ewen Chia's viral mini eBooks, which are well written and highly sought after.


You can get support by emailing a support email, although this product offers step-by-step instructions and isn't the type of product that requires the user to seek assistance.


Starts at $37 for the basic product with a number of up-sells


Copy Paste Income offers the opportunity for new affiliate marketers the chance to experience affiliate marketing without much expense and with a simple step-by-step method. Experienced marketers can use this method to drive more traffic to their website in whatever niche they are targeting.

What I Like About Copy Paste Income

Copy Paste Income's instructions are easy to follow and you can target a number of niches at the same time and track your interest using the affiliate programs analytics. Copy Paste Income offers the same opportunity that other affiliate marketers have whether you have a website or not. The difference is you have more flexibility. That been said as with affiliate marketing you need to work at it to make money. First impressions and professional looking ebooks are what get people to read your eBook and trust you and finally buy from you.

What I Don't Like About Copy Paste Income

Not enough instruction has been provided to show how to create a professional looking ebook that readers would gladly pay for or be more than eager to read if given the opportunity.

Get Started With Copy Paste Income today, and start your affiliate marketing business.

Free Autoresponder For Marketers On A Budget

If money is a bit tight or you don't want to pay the high fees associated with high subscriber numbers and premium autoresponders, then a free autoresponder is the best option.

I started the affiliate marketing journey a few years ago and was using mostly free tools and free traffic.

I'm not sure who recommended that I use a free autoresponder but it sounded like a good idea. There are a range of options available but not all are good for affiliate marketing.

Mail Chimp for instance is free as long as your subscriber count is less than 500 subscribers. But they have zero tolerance for the 'make money online' niche.

Start mailing about 'make money online' and they close your account. This shocked me when it happened to me. But when I read about other people's experience I found this is the rule according to Mail Chimp.

Other free autoresponder options had different restrictions or bad points like optin forms that looked like they were from the 1990s or they only offered free trials.

What I wanted was a 100% free autoresponder with pre-made optin forms, and an unlimited subscriber count, with reasonable rules. And I found it with Gorilla Marketing Pro.

What's The Catch

It's Free But It Can't Be 100% Free - It is 100% Free and what you get for free is a great deal.

I am a free member and I get to have unlimited subscribers. I can mail my list every 48 hours. I get a free hybrid funnel to list my business opportunities.

I have access to 15 pre-made landing pages to build my email list. As well as access to proven marketing tools, access to the Gorilla Marketing Pro's Facebook group, free internet marketing training, and a free vacation within the US.

They do have a Platinum Membership but the free membership is adequate for most people. The Platinum Membership is jam packed with upgrades and if you have a spare $15 each month there's no reason not to take advantage of the opportunity.

With the Platinum membership you can build your own landing pages, and they are easy to build. You get to mail your list every day and you can load previous emails for re-sending. You can also send unlimited follow up emails. As everyone is on mobile these days they include a mobile landing page maker.

There isn't a catch but both memberships offer more than what you'd expect for the price you pay which is nothing (for the free membership) or almost no more than the price of lunch for the Platinum Membership.

To join Gorilla Marketing Pro and start using either the free autoresponder or the Platinum autoresponder, click the link to get started.

Attention Bloggers - 13 Ways To Drive Free Traffic To Your Website

Most people that aren't making enough money online usually complain that they aren't getting enough traffic.

But to drive more traffic to your website you need to know the best methods.

Many people believe that relying on one traffic source is the wrong strategy.

An example of this is when Google changes their algorithm and they lose their business.

The way to counter this is to use a few traffic strategies.

Below are 13 free traffic methods that will help bloggers get more traffic.

1. Comment On Social Media Posts

Most people go to social media and dump their content and then move on to the next platform to do it again.

You can't expect people to comment on your content if you never participate on the platform.

A large following means nothing.

Before social media platforms changed their algorithms you could follow 200 or more people on Twitter and been a reciprocal platform, they would follow back.

But many of these bulk following platforms lost the permission to do this.

Now you need to post valuable content to build a following, get retweets/shares, and likes.

On Instagram where engagement is high, the social currency is comments.

Likes are good but comments carry more weight and get the post featured on 'the Explore Page'.

It's the same on Facebook.

Likes are good but comments carry more weight, and more people see your post in their feeds.

I'm not on Pinterest but it is likely a comment carries more weight than a repin.

2. Give Value Before You Share Your Opportunity

There is a lot of people spamming their links on Facebook.

People want to learn about the business opportunities but mostly what you get is an optin form or sales page.

I have done it myself. One hundred or more people wanting to learn more, but once they see the optin page, they're not interested.

If you wrote a blog post detailing everything that they are likely to get, you will find that your optins and sales will increase.

People want things for free. Very few people will shell out $497 if they don't know what they're buying.

Good sales pages give details, but many sales pages are misleading and what they advertise in the headline and what you get when you buy are two different things.

3. Syndicate Your Blog To Social Networks

When you write a blog post, it isn't a case of build it and they will come.

The search engines and the world audience don't know that you have written a blog post unless you tell them. A few ways to tell them is to post your blog post to Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

You can also use syndication tools like Ping-o-matic. This will alert various search engines and social networks that your blog post exists.

Ping-o-matic is a free tool and you don't even need to opt in. It is a matter of submitting your blog post title, and link and then it pings the various search engines.

But don't do this more than once. If you have more blog posts from the same blog, you do not need to ping each blog post. The search engines will crawl your blog and find the other blog posts.

4. Use Hashtags

Hashtags are a good way to get your posts seen by more people. Hashtags are like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest's search engine food.

People searching social media want targeted content. Which means don't use irrelevant hashtags. This will irritate people.

5. Cross Market Between The Social Platforms

Only cross market if what you share on other social platforms is different. Don't waste people's time by recommending that they follow you on other social media platforms if all your content is the same.

The problem with been on too many social media platforms is that you never focus on building your profile properly. What you end up doing is spamming your content and then you leave and go to the next one without participating on the platform.

6. Use Reddit

Reddit doesn't like people spamming their content, but many people report that if you get involved and eventually share your content you will get boatloads of traffic if your content is good.

But it needs to be a blog post not an optin page, sales page, or a spammed link. It needs to be about something that people want to know about.

7. Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is a good tactic to drive more traffic to your blog, but you need to ensure that the comment is relevant to the blog post. Comments like, 'check out my blog' will most likely not get published. You need to read the blog post and add a comment that adds value.

Not only do you get traffic from the people that click your link but if the blog is a high-ranking blog you also get a backlink, and backlinks will help you rank higher in the search engines.

8. Hubpages

Web 2.0 properties like Hubpages are platforms that you can write a valued article and have it seen by their audience who will possibly comment on your post which will send social signals to the search engines, get you a high ranking backlink and help you get traffic and a higher search engine ranking. With enough views you can also earn through Google Adsense.

9. Viral Traffic

Content that goes viral needs to have an emotional hook. This can either be an image or a video. But not every image or video you post will go viral.

Posting on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest are the best platforms to get things to go viral. Like most content you need to keep posting until you find one that will go viral.

10. Forum Marketing

Forums are good places to learn things as well as connect with like-minded people. When you share information and add value people will want to know more about you and the offers you are marketing.

If you pay for a membership to the forum, the forum will let you have a forum signature to link to your blog, optin page or affiliate offer. These links do get clicked and can drive a good amount of traffic.

11. RSS Feeds

Wordpress blogs are automatically ready for rss feeds but other platforms require you to sign up to a program to get an rss feed link.

Your goal is to get as many people subscribing to your rss feed as possible. The more people reading your content the better.

12. Yahoo Answers and Quora

When you have a question, most of the time you go to the search engine and type in your question and get an answer. But two services, Yahoo Answers and Quora can get you a more targeted answer to your question.

You can also use these two platforms to answer questions yourself and depending on how valued your answer is it can drive massive traffic back to your blog or affiliate link.

These two platforms are almost like social media platforms with people worldwide submitting their knowledge.

13. Join Triberr and Viral Bee

Triberr and Viral Bee will help you market your content if you help others market their content. Share enough content and expect a mass of traffic to flood your blog.


The best strategy for you to follow to drive more traffic to your blog is to follow one method, master it and then follow another method.

Don't become a jack of all trades and a master of none.

It is the same with any business. When you promote 10 products at once, what happens is that you get lost in the confusion and wind up not getting any sales or the results that you want.

Drive Traffic From Twitter - What Google Can't Ignore


Before you drive traffic from Twitter, it is important to get the basics in order first.

1. Add a profile picture. This will help you build your profile or brand.

2. Tell people about yourself or your business.

If you are an affiliate marketer use the #AffiliateMarketing hashtag within your bio to get your profile ranked within Twitter Search and the search engines.

3. Link to your blog or squeeze page from within your bio.

Use a link shortner, the bio only allows 160 characters.

I don't recommend linking to your blog with the website link space. I did and found that bots were going crazy hitting my blog and distorting my analytics.

Quote Yourself

Make a creative description of your post or quote yourself from your blog and create tweets and link to the full blog post for those who take the bait and click through to the content.

This is what magazines do. They try to hook you on the front cover to read the articles within the magazine and get you to buy the magazine.

Use @Mentions

Use @mentions to get the attention of Twitter users. They will be happy to be mentioned.

It may be a way to get a retweet if you feature them in your post or tweet.

But don't @mention people to get traffic from the twitter user when the content isn't related to them.

They will be annoyed that you have used them to drive traffic with no benefit to them.

Ask For Retweets

Ask for Retweets. If you don't ask you don't get, is what I've been told.

Include the short phrase 'Please RT' within your tweet and if your followers think that you are worthy of a retweet you might get one.

If enough people do this your tweet could go viral and drive massive traffic.

Add Images To Your Tweets

Use images that compliment your tweets. Image tweets are more likely to get retweets, likes and clicks.

When you are been hit by a stream of text the one thing that gets people's attention is images. Depending on what result you want you can create Twitter images with graphic design tools like

This is a free site although they do have a paid membership for people that want extra features.

Using images larger than the regular Twitter image gets people to stop and expand your image resulting in more engagement. But the goal is to get them to click through to your blog.

Tweet Questions

Ask questions within your tweet to arouse a question in your followers minds and answer the question within your blog post.

Questions get people thinking and interested. This is a good tactic to drive traffic from Twitter as long as the content is relevant.

Use Numbers Within Your Tweets

Use numbers within your tweet to get more attention.

This is a trick that search engine marketers use to attract people to read their text ads.

Tweets are similar to text ads. Tweets are only 280 characters long about the same length as a text ad.

Vary Your Tweets

Tweet varied versions of tweets that promote your blog posts, but don't tweet the same link repeatedly. Only tweet the same tweet at a maximum of 3 times a day.

If you mind numbingly tweet the same post again and again people won't want to see it and will unfollow you.

If you are going to tweet links to your posts make sure you have enough posts to vary what people will see throughout the day.

Use Click To Tweet

Use Click To Tweet and quote quotes from within your article which will encourage people to tweet to promote your blog post to their newsfeed.

Create Quote Images

Create quote images to get people to click through to your bio. Add links to these tweet quotes. This works. JeffBullas says that he has data to prove it.

Get More Traffic With Videos

Upload videos for more exposure to your bio. Videos are not promoted as a big part of Twitter but the videos that go viral do get a huge amount of views.

The videos need to be short to get the viewers attention.

Uploading YouTube videos most likely won't work as videos that rank in YouTube are at least 10 minutes long which are too long for Twitter.

Twitter being a micro blogging site, videos need to be less than a minute long.

Use Targeted Hashtags

Use hashtags for more traffic than the stream of your followers. You can also get more followers this way as well as broadcasting your content to a larger audience to drive more traffic from Twitter.

Research hashtags to use with your tweets with this will help you find trending tweets within your niche.

Test Different Tweet Phrases

Test different tweet phrases with tweets. As with email marketing the best headlines sell products and get attention.

People are bombarded with a stream of tweets. Make yours stand out with relevant attention getting headlines.

Tweet Often

Tweet more often. There are tweet scheduling tools like Crowdfire that will tweet your tweets at the best time to get the most engagement for your tweets when your audience is most active.

Post at least 10 times per day. This is Neil Patel's recommendation.

Share Infographics

Share infographics. Infographics are a visual way to share statistics and facts that make them easy to consume and remember. i.e a picture is worth a thousand words.

Pin Your Tweet To The Top Of Your Newsfeed

Pin the tweet that you want to promote the most to the top of your newsfeed.

Everyone who clicks through to your profile will read this tweet, and a fraction of them will click the link and view your blog post or promotion.

You can do this with any tweet. Click the top righthand corner of your tweet and click - 'Pin Tweet'.

Retweet Others

Retweets and comment tweet your community's tweets.

This includes influencers and people you compete with.

Add a @mention to get their attention to notice that you are tweeting their content and they might return the favor.

Maintain A Targeted Following

Keep your following where possible focused on your niche.

You don't want to be following accountants if your niche is dog training even if you are going to hire an accountant at some time.

This will mean that the tweets you read and retweet will be linked to your niche and the traffic you receive will be targeted traffic.

Respond To Your Follower’s Questions And Comments

Respond to your follower’s questions. This builds rapport and community as well as ranking your profile higher.

Ranking your profile on the search engines will help to drive more traffic and establish you as an influencer.

Post Images That Relate To Twitter Trends

Post images that relate to Twitter Trends and then add your promotional link to it if it relates to the Twitter Trend. Tweets with images get significantly more engagement than text only tweets.

Quote Other Twitter Users

Directly quote other Twitter users within your niche.

This can build conversations as well as a community and interest from within your niche.

Resulting in more exposure for your profile and eventually driving traffic from Twitter to your blog and webpages.

5iphon Review – Earn $1,000's With A Free Profitable Email List

In this 5iphon review I will tell you why this system has massive value for affiliate marketers and why you should sign up for free now.

5iphon is a free cloud-based software that you can give away to prospects, but not only that the value of the system if you were to pay for it would be a high monthly fee.

But the core of this is that you can build an email list and with the only cost been the autoresponder fees. You can send as much traffic to it as you want as the vendor does not charge any fees.

You can then find ways to drive traffic to your optin page. This can range from free traffic from social media, to traffic exchanges and safelists.

If you have the budget you can scale this up with paid traffic in the form of solo ads, pay per click ads on Facebook and Google, or Social media ads. Then use these subscribers to do ad swaps to grow your email list even more.

When you have an email list you don't have to post on social media every day to get sales. You can simply send an email to your subscribers and when they buy you make money.

You do have the option to make use of the paid version of this product. The paid version gives you access to a sales funnel which you can add two products of your own choice or promote the 5iphon product itself as well as another recommended product to give your prospects the best possible deal and make more sales.

There are several upsells

#1 5iphon Overdrive - You get the option to earn 12 X as much when promoting 5iphon from your subscribers and your subscriber's when they buy 5iphon reloaded and the other upsells.

#2 Add 10 extra websites and sales funnels to your collection to increase the chances of people signing up for your list.

#3 Join the 5iphon $10K Club and make money with high ticket commissions of $500. This means you could make an extra $500 per day or more.

#4 5iphon Traffic Co-op - Siphon traffic from the website and they will get their website visitors to sign up and become your subscribers. Extra traffic.

I bought Upsell 1 and 2 but once you get this system working you could get away with only buying the product plus upsells one and three. But if you are interested in high ticket commissions (and who isn't) you could buy upsell 3, and 4 to maximise traffic.

If you do nothing with this system whether you stick with the free version or upgrade and buy 5iphon Reloaded plus the upsells, you will get nowhere. Give this some time, promote it and you will be rewarded.

Get your Free 5iphon Reloaded Email List Building System Now.

As the quote says, "The harder I work, the luckier I get".

Understanding Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

If affiliate marketing is new to you, don't worry because it is easier to understand than you think it is.

Having said that affiliate marketing for beginners can be challenging if you have never made money online before.

Understanding Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a simple concept.

You link to a product using an affiliate link that identifies you as the referrer, the customer goes to the sales page and buys the product, and you get paid a commission.

Most vendors use a payment processor and it is usually the payment processor who pays you the commission.

Getting Started - Choosing A Niche

What's a niche? It's a product type. If you are an affiliate who promotes fry pans, then your niche is fry pans.

You may niche down and promote omelette pans and be the site buyers visit to read about the best omelette pans or you may decide that you want to be a reviewer of everything concerned with saucepans, fry pans, and roasting pans.

Your niche can be as broad or as specialized as you want.

Physical Products or Digital Products

Physical Products

People online are said to be more likely to buy physical branded products.

This is because they think they know what they are getting.

Physical products are tangible and can be exchanged depending on the vendor, but as an affiliate the commission is lower.

This is because of the manufacturing, logistic, and sales costs that physical products have.

But the ability to sell a high volume is more easily attained.

With the right priced product that pays a decent commission you can earn a good income.

Amazon is the most popular physical goods online retailer with a massive affiliate program giving you the opportunity to choose from a wide range of goods to promote, both physical and digital.

Digital Products

Knowledge, music, audio products, video products, and other digital products are popular and there are many millionaires made through digital products.

Jeff Bezos' Amazon Kindle digital books are popular, but it is not profitable to be an affiliate for Amazon Kindle books.

Many of the books don't cost more than $15 and attract a low commission.

But there are other networks and vendors depending on your niche that you can choose from. Clickbank is recommended as a digital product network.

It offers a large range of niches and is mostly the payment processor for digital products, although some online retailers sell physical products within the health and fitness category.

Commissions on digital products on Clickbank are high.

Some vendors offer commissions of 50% to 75%.

If you are promoting make money online products, the payment processor, Warrior Plus, at different levels, offers commissions of 100%.

This is because the vendor wants to acquire the customer and is willing to pay to acquire a buyer.

The Goal Of Internet Marketers

Most Internet marketers have the goal of getting repeat customers.

Most customers will only shop at a shop when they need something.

But if marketers can contact them whenever they are selling something that might be of interest to the customer then they need a way to contact them.

Whatever website you go to online, if you download something or purchase something, the vendor or affiliate will always ask you for your email address.

This is to contact you every day and sometimes several times a day to try and sell something to you.

This is the number one goal of internet marketers, to build a customer list that they can sell to again and again.

Getting Customers

To attract customers vendors, use either paid traffic (ads) or free traffic (SEO - Search Engine Optimization or social media).

Paid Traffic

It is not recommended that you start buying traffic when getting started with affiliate marketing because if you don't know what you are doing you can burn through a lot of money quickly without the wanted result.

Paid traffic can take the form of email ads, PPC (Pay Per Click) ads either (Search Engine Marketing) SEM, or Social Media Marketing, paid ads on social media.

Many marketers in the make money online niche get started with email ads (but it can be applied to other niches too), as it is easier to acquire a customer.

But the problem with email marketing is building trust with your subscribers for them to be willing to buy the products you recommend.

The problem that many affiliates encounter is that they get impatient and expect the subscriber to buy a product within the first few weeks.

But the products they are promoting are at times not suitable for the subscriber.

Search Engine Marketing

Setting up ads on search is complicated and requires testing and adjusting.

You don't want to pour money down the drain which is easy to do.

You need to select the right keywords and be selling or promoting the right product.

You also need to be bidding the right amount per click.

The search provider wants you to pay what they want you to pay per click, but you need to pay as little as possible per click to make the most use of your money.

You can find other people online to set it up for you to make it more profitable for you so you can avoid the steep learning curve.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

SMM is like SEM except the social media platform usually has more data that they are willing to share about members of their platform.

Facebook is known to house the most data about their users.

But it is still profitable to advertise on the other social media platforms as well.

Free Traffic

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can be difficult to break into.

It takes a while before Google or the other search engines will rank your site.

But Google offers tools to help web masters.

These include Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

You need to have set up a blog or website before you can make use of either of these tools.

If you are new to the Internet it is advisable to start with a free blog (e.g Google's Blogger) to gain some experience with SEO and blogging, as well as affiliate marketing.

My Recommendation For Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

My recommendation is to get some training related to affiliate marketing.

If you are interested in the make money online niche, fitness and weight loss, or personal development niches,

I have written a review about a program that will train you in this area and will make it easier for you to earn your first commission online.

The program is called 12 Minute Affiliate.

I made a sale within my first week of joining, and many of the other affiliates in the program do as well as long as they continue to send website visitors to their website.

Social Media

Social media makes it much easier for bloggers to get website visitors because they can make use of the content platforms which include Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

It is not necessary to have a large follower base or friend base as all these platforms have work arounds.

On Facebook you can post in Facebook groups, and on Twitter and Pinterest you can use #hashtags.

Over time if you post good content you can build up a following, but it is always advisable to use hashtags to get extra exposure.

As an affiliate beginner you need to learn as much about affiliate marketing as possible.

You can share links on social media.

Free offers work well. Speaking of free, a free course I am currently enrolled in will help with building an affiliate business is My Online Start-Up.

It is completely free.

There are no trials or payments required.

Besides this watch videos on YouTube of other affiliate marketers to learn more about affiliate marketing.

Follow Me on Twitter and Facebook and if you have any questions or need help with anything send me a message. Comment on this post with your opinion of this post. Thanks for reading.

4 Of the Best Work From Home Opportunities

These are 4 of the best work from home opportunities that I have profited and tested over the years. Many people promote products because they can earn a high commission or recurring commission, but most of the products that I recommend are products that work. If I find that they don't serve the subscriber the plan is scrapped.

#1 12 Minute Affiliate 

If you have never made any money online before, it's time to build a new habit.

Do this with 12 Minute Affiliate. After setting up my funnels I earned a commission of $71.20 from the traffic I bought on 12 Minute Affiliate.

This is a system set up for complete novices as well as more experienced marketers who haven't mastered making money online yet. My biggest problem was converting subscribers to customers.

12 Minute Affiliate solved this problem for me with their professional lead capture forms and professionally copy written emails.

For $47 per month you get several funnels and a year's worth of pre-written emails. You can opt out at any time and your email list is yours to keep.

This is because you subscribe to an autoresponder yourself.

They coach whether it's through private coaching or the 'Education Center' what needs to be done to be successful with your affiliate business.

Get started and trial 12 Minute Affiliate for 7 days for only $9.95.

I made my first commission within these 7 days, and you can too.

When you join 12 Minute Affiliate's Facebook Group you will see everyone is making sales.

#2 CB Passive Income

Patric Chan's CB Passive Income.

You get access to a back office that attaches your affiliate link to promotional emails that you send to your subscribers.

The squeeze pages to sign up new members have been done for you, there is no need to buy hosting, it's provided.

All the blogging and sales letters are done. The only thing that you need to do is drive traffic to your squeeze pages.

Although now, Patric is offering to sell you traffic packages, which means you don't even need to find traffic sources.

During this time if you decide to you can learn how to run an affiliate business, which Patric will teach you how.

To start building multiple income streams with Patric Chan's CB Passive Income, watch the free webinar.

#3 Ewen Chia's Super Affiliate

Ewen has created many business opportunities for affiliates over the years. One of these is Super Affiliates.

With Super Affiliates, members are provided with a blueprint on how to become a super affiliate, with supporting videos.

These videos help to explain the blueprint in more detail which Ewen does himself. Most people want to start making money straight away, and a solution to this has been provided.

Super Affiliates comes with a business that Ewen's staff build for you as well as an autoresponder with a series of emails that have been written for you.

Hosting has been taken care of. The only thing you need to do is select a niche from a provided list, and register a domain name.

The business comes complete with a designed squeeze page with copywriting and an autoresponder series to market to your subscribers.

This is a membership product, and you get to keep the business as long as you remain a member.

But included in the membership is access to a private Facebook group which you can interact with other members, and get educated with more from Ewen and his team.

This a very popular membership and is a process that works. To join Super Affiliates, click the link.

#4 10 Minutes Cash

A powerful product that has taught me many lessons.

Named 10 Minutes Cash, not because you are guaranteed to earn cash in 10 minutes, although it is possible, but because you only need to work for 10 minutes a day to earn cash.

Most people are used to working a 40 hour week, not a 70 minute or 50 minute week.

This is a membership product but is a good product to hang onto for further updates.

It is affordable and ideal if you are a beginner marketer, but there are lessons for more experienced marketers that want even more results.

To join 10 Minutes Cash, click the link.

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